How to Decide which Kitchen Equipment to Use at what Time

Using the right kitchen appliance can tremendously aid in reducing your kitchen work and ensuring better results. When it comes to processing food and food preparation, it is a difficult task to select whether the food processor, hand blender, or blender is the most appropriate appliance for a specific task. No more! We will help you in this regards and tell which appliance is for which function and purpose.

Food Processor


A food processor uniformly and quickly chops, grates, slices, and grinds food items.

Best Uses:

Food processors are ideal for:

  • Finely mincing tomato and onion for tomato salsa
  • Mixing raisins and apples for chunky applesauce
  • Cutting vegetables for salads, frying, soups, etc.
  • Kneading dough for pizza, homemade bread, etc.
  • Making dips and sauces

A food processor is perfect for those who love chunky dips and salads. It can considerably save time when it comes to chopping and cutting food items. It is highly recommended to find more information via reading best food processor reviews when you want to purchase them online.

Hand Blender


Hand blenders could be used instead of a high-speed blender and with their chopping and whisking attachments, they can be used for processing food items in small quantities or for roughly blending large quantities right in the pan. They are very handy and easy to use and clean which makes them a perfect choice for many.

Best Uses:

Hand blenders are an inexpensive appliance offering various benefits. Due to small sized container, hand blenders can be a good option for processing small amounts of dried fruits, soaked nuts, and softer items

It is also great for chopping food items in small quantities.

They are also perfect for blending soups straight in the pot. This eliminates the need of cooling and transferring the soup in the blender and transferring again to the pot and reheating after blending the soup.



Blenders are good for making extremely smooth mixtures. They are ideal for making creamy sauces and smooth soups.

Best Uses:

Blenders are perfect for:

  • For preparing dishes with a smooth texture like soups, smoothies, and puddings
  • For making purees and baby food